Awards and Honors Across Weill Cornell Medical College - Week of April 10 - April 17
April 17, 2015 Dr. Antonio M. Gotto, Jr. receives the National Medical Fellowships' Excellence in Academic Medicine Award, Dr. Dattatreyudu Nori wins the Padma Shri, Weill Cornell's Headstrong Project receives the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge, and other awards, honors, prizes and achievements for the week of April 10 - April 17.
Big Data Key to Precision Medicine's Success
April 15, 2015 Commentary: Realizing the promise of precision medicine hinges on the creation of robust clinical databases that compile information from a wide range of medical centers, allowing researchers and clinicians to look for patterns and trends in cancer.
New Genomic Research Amends Earlier Triple Negative Breast Cancer Finding
April 15, 2015 Researchers trying to validate findings many hoped would lead to targeted treatments for breast cancer discovered instead that they could not be applied to further clinical work.
Researchers Sequence Genome of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, Identify Key Mutations to Target
April 13, 2015 Researchers have discovered a pair of genetic mutations that drive tumor growth in patients with a deadly subtype of T-cell lymphoma.
Awards and Honors Across Weill Cornell - Week of April 3 - April 10
April 9, 2015 Awards, honors, prizes and achievements for the week of April 3 - April 10.
New Computational Method Matches Brain Lesions to Impairments
April 9, 2015 A new mathematical model can predict the size and severity of impairment a patient with brain damage will have.
Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Results in Better Outcomes and is Cost-Effective Compared to Total Knee Replacement, Study Suggests
April 6, 2015 Partial knee replacements are economically superior to total knee replacements in older adults, and with a few small improvements, can be an attractive option for younger patients as well.
Physician Assistant Students Welcomed to Weill Cornell at White Coat Ceremony
April 3, 2015 A new class of physician assistant students received their short white coats at the annual White Coat Ceremony on March 9.
Awards and Honors Across Weill Cornell - Week of March 27 - April 3
April 3, 2015 Awards, honors, prizes and achievements for the week of March 27 - April 3.
Genetic Variation That Affects Fear and Anxiety May Advance Personalized Psychiatry
April 1, 2015 Researchers have found that a genetic variation found in 20 percent of Americans alters the emotional processing of anxiety and fear in the brain.

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